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    Philips Ambilight TV

    Philips Ambilight TV

    Let the magic unfold

      Our favourite Ambilight TVs

      Ambilight makes the difference

      Ambilight video

      Ambilight changes everything

      Feel it. Play it. Live it.

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      Ambilight leaps off the screen


      Gaming on your TV? Just when you thought the action couldn't get more intense, Ambilight will bring the thrill of the game right into the room.

      Ambilight brings sound to life


      In Music Mode, Ambilight brings your playlists to life with dynamic, colourful lightshows—for on-screen and beyond.

      Ambilight brings cinema home


      Extend the experience. Magnify the excitement. Drama feels deeper and action feels bigger with Ambilight. 

      Ambilight puts you on the pitch


      Ambilight brings you closer to all the action. Choose the best TV for watching football and kick it up a notch.

      Ambilight sets the mood


      Had enough screen time? Turn the TV off and let Ambilight’s warm glow create the perfect atmosphere to chill out.

      with Ambilight without Ambilight

      Experience the magic of Ambilight

      Ambilight’s dynamic lightshow bathes your room in warm, immersive light. Intelligent LEDs behind the edges of the screen cast on-screen colours onto the wall, in real time. Try it once and you’ll wonder how you ever enjoyed TV without it.
      Philips Ambilight

      Your home. Your #Ambilight.

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