Avent Spout Cup

Sip no drip, 7 oz/200 ml, 6m+ SCF751/13

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Philips Avent cups compatible with other Avent products?

Philips Avent Sip No Drip cups are designed to fit the entire Avent range. Find out which products fit your cups.

Compatibility Philips Avent Sip No Drip cups

  • The cup is compatible with the Natural bottle, screw ring and teat.
  • The Natural teat can be bought separately; the Natural screw ring comes with the Natural bottles.
  • The spout together with the ring with the cup handles is compatible with the cups/bottles of the Classic (including adapter ring), Natural and easy sip ranges.
  • The cup is compatible with Philips Avent Storage cups and manual breast pump.

What is not compatible?

The Classic teat and easy sip spout cannot be used with the ring with handles of the Sip No Drip cup.

Not compatible

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF751/13 , SCF755/17 , SCF755/15 , SCF755/13 , SCF753/17 , SCF753/15 , SCF753/13 , SCF751/17 , SCF751/15 , SCF751/10 , SCF755/10 , SCF753/10 , SCF251/00 . more less

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