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    When should I be careful to use the blood pressure monitor?

    Published on 2017-07-28

    There are some conditions where you need to be careful when using this blood pressure monitor. Learn which conditions these are and what to do in these cases.

    Intravascular access / therapy or A-V shunt
    Do not use this blood pressure monitor on any arm where intravascular access or therapy
    (such as an intravenous drip or a blood transfusion), or an arterio-venous shunt (A-V shunt) is present. The temporary interference to blood flow by the blood pressure measurement could result in injury. In case only one of your arms is affected by any of these conditions you can use your other arm for blood pressure measurement.

    Breast amputation
    If you had a breast amputation (mastectomy) do not use this blood pressure monitor on the arm on the side of the breast amputation. The inflating cuff can lead to pain, trauma and further injury in the arm on the side of the breast amputation. In case you only had a breast amputation on one side of your body, you can use the arm on the other side of your body for blood pressure measurement.

    The effectiveness of this blood pressure monitor has not been established in pregnant (including pre-eclamptic) women. Please check with your doctor which device to use for measuring yorur blood pressure.

    Arrhythmias and arteriosclerosis
    Common arrhythmias (heart rhythm problems such as atrial or ventricular premature beats or atrial fibrillation) and peripheral artery disease / arteriosclerosis (thickening� / hardening of the blood vessels) can affect the performance (accuracy) of this blood pressure monitor.

    Please consult your doctor how to best use this blood pressure monitor if you suffer from any of these conditions.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: DL8760/15 , DL8765/15 .

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