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    OneBlade Face

    Trim, edge, shave, For any length of hair, 3 x click-on stubble combs, Rechargeable, wet and dry use QP2520/65


    How do I clean my Philips OneBlade?

    Cleaning and maintaining your Philips OneBlade is easy. To clean your Philips OneBlade, follow our simple instructions below.

    Cleaning instructions for Philips OneBlade

    • After each use, blow off any hair accumulated on your OneBlade.

    • Turn on your OneBlade and rinse it with some lukewarm water.

    • If the attachments need further cleaning, turn your OneBlade off, take off the attachments and wash them separately.

    • Allow the attachments to air-dry. Do not dry the blade with a towel or tissue and do not tap it against the sink or a hard surface, as these actions can damage your blade.

    For more details on how to use, clean and maintain your Philips OneBlade, please refer to your digital user manual or contact us.

    Cleaning Philips OneBlade

    The information on this page applies to the following models: QP2520/65 , QP2620/25 , QP6510/64 , QP2630/30 , QP2520/30 , QP6520/30 , QP6510/30 , QP2530/30 , QP2520/25 , QP2530/25 , QP6510/25 , QP6520/25 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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