BlueTouch S/M upper back strap

Adjustable breathable straps PR3081/02

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the BlueTouch box?

In the box of the BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch is the BlueTouch device, a charger and a storage bag.

BlueTouch strap

Note that the strap is not included in the box. The BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch can be worn in two different ways and Philips has developed different straps to cater for this. To be able to meet the wishes and use preferences of our consumers in the best way possible, Philips has decided to offer these straps separately and in different sizes. In this way you can choose the right strap for the position on your back that you wish to treat and also in your own size.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PR3081/02 , PR3083/03 , PR3083/02 , PR3081/03 , PR3081/00 , PR3081/01 , PR3082/00 , PR3083/00 , PR3083/01 , PR3092/00 . more less

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