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    How do I use the attachments on my Philips Epilator?

    Published on 06 January 2023
    Your Philips Epilator may come with different attachments. You may use the epilator to epilate areas such as your bikini line. Epilating is not suitable for the intimate area (the outside and inside the of outer labia), we advise that you only use a trimmer or shaver with a comb attached. Find out here how to use these attachments for the best epilating experience.

    Replacing the attachments

    Some attachments can be placed on top of the epilator head. For others, you need to remove the epilator head first and then attach the new head to the body of the epilator. Simply snap it onto the epilator body until you hear a click. 

    Shaving head

    You can use the shaving head of your epilator to shave your legs, underarms and bikini line. For the best result, move the appliance against the direction of hair growth, making sure that the head is in full contact with the skin.

    When using the shaving head in the intimate area (outside and inside of the outer labia), ensure that you attach the trimming comb to the shaving head.

    When shaving your underarms, place your arm behind your head to stretch the underarm area, then move the device up and down and from left to right to cover all the hair growing in different directions.

    For optimal cutting and gliding performance, we advise that you clean the shaving unit after each use, and to replace the foil every 12 months or when it no longer provides the shaving or trimming results you expect. Always replace the foil with an original Philips foil. Safely store your product and protect the foil from outside pressure or impacts by attaching a cap or comb.
    Philips Epilator shaving head

    Trimming comb accessory

    To trim hard-to-reach areas like your bikini zone, it is better to use the trimming comb accessory which comes with your epilator.
    Philips Epilator trimming head

    Efficacy cap accessory

    The efficacy cap or the skin stretcher attachment help to keep the skin tight during epilation to reduce pain.
    Philips Epilator efficacy cap

    Bikini trimming head

    This accessory can be used for sensitive areas such as the bikini. It is easy to use because of its compact design.
    Philips epilator bikini trimming head

    Delicate area cap accessory

    Attach the delicate area cap onto the epilating head for precise epilating of delicate areas such as upper lip, bikini or armpit. The opening of the cap is optimised to be more gentle and precise so you will only be able to epilate smaller areas.

    Epilating, even when using the delicate area cap, is not suitable for the intimate area (the outside and inside of the outer labia). We always advise that you only use a trimmer/shaver with a comb for intimate areas.
    Philips Epilator delicate area cap

    Body exfoliation brush head

    The body exfoliation brush helps to remove dead skin cells. It should be used before epilating, as it makes the skin smooth and makes epilation easier and less painful.

    To attach the body exfoliation brush to your epilator, you have to remove the epilator head first. You can then attach the body exfoliation brush to the coupling unit and then attach it to the appliance handle.

    If you use the body exfoliation brush 2–3 times a week, replace it every 3 months. This replacement part can be purchased on our website.

    Philips Epilator Body Exfoliation brush

    Exfoliation glove

    Some epilator models also come with a nylon exfoliation glove.

    You can use this glove before epilating to remove dead skin around your hair follicles. This makes your skin feel soft and smooth and makes hair removal easier.  

    To use the glove, first make it wet and, if you like, apply a few drops of body wash or peeling lotion to it. Massage your skin with the glove in circular motions, applying gentle pressure.

    Massage cap

    Some models also come with a massage cap to ease the epilation sensation. 

    Please note that the attachments that come with your epilator vary per model. For accurate information about the attachments of your particular epilator model, refer to your user manual or contact us for further help. 
    Massage cap

    The information on this page applies to the following models: BRE721/00 , BRE715/00 , BRE735/00 , BRE710/01 , BRE740/11 , BRE710/00 , BRP586/00 , BRE605/00 , BRE651/00 , BRE635/00 , BRE652/00 , HP6423/02 , BRP535/00 , BRE644/00 , BRE610/00 , BRE650/00 , BRE630/00 , BRE640/00 , HP6523/03 , HP6583/03 , HP6581/03 , HP6522/02 , HP6422/02 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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