Bikini trimmer

BikiniGenie HP6383/20


How do I use the combs of my Philips bikini trimmer?

The combs on your Philips bikini trimmer are designed to trim the hair in your bikini area down to a certain length.


The long comb trims hair to 6 mm. The short comb trims hair to 4 mm.


  1. Place the desired comb on the back of the trimming head and fasten it on to the trimming head by pushing it with your finger until it snaps home with a click (Fig.1).

  2. Switch the trimmer on and move it against the direction of hair growth. Make sure that the surface of the comb always stays in contact with the skin (Fig.2).

For optimal performance, only use the bikini trimmer with the comb attached on dry skin.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6383/20 .

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