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    Precision trimmer

    Face HP6390/10


    How do I use my Philips Bikini Trimmer?

    The Philips Precision Trimmer is your key to shaping and designing. 

    Note: Our products are skin friendly. It is good practice before using our body grooming products to visually check if the cutting unit and especially the shaving foil are still intact. Philips is not a dermatological authority and cannot give advice on individual cases. In case of doubt, it is better to consult your own doctor who can judge the condition of your skin in real life.

    Instructions for use

    • You may exfoliate your skin a day before use
    • Try stretching your skin with your free hand, so the hairs stand up and are easily reached.
    • Move the trimmer against the direction of hair growth, making sure the trimmer is in full contact with the skin. 

    Wet or dry use

    Some of our Bikini Trimmers can be used both wet and dry. If you want to trim wet, make sure that your Bikini Trimmer is suitable for that. Check if a shower or bathtub symbol is printed on the back of your device. It so, it is safe to be used with water.

    When using wet, make sure that your skin is completely wet with water.

    Be mindful that trimming wet hair is a bit tricky, as wet hair tends to stick to your skin and is difficult to remove. We recommend trying out both wet and dry trimming and seeing what works best for you. 

    For washable products, clean the trimming head with running water from time to time during use. Also clean the appliance with running water after use and let all parts dry before you store them.

    For non-washable trimmers, you can blow off the hair on the trimmer or use the cleaning brush supplied to clean the device.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6390/10 , HP6390/20 , HP6390/52 , BRT381/15 , BRT383/15 , HP6381/20 , HP6383/20 , HP6530/30 , HP6371/00 , HP6379/00 , HP6373/00 , HP6375/00 , HP6375/01 , HP6378/00 , HP6376/00 , HP6380/00 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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