with battery indicator HS8420/22

Frequently Asked Questions

Which replacement shaving heads are suitable for my shaver?

Only the *HS85 * shaving unit fits this shaver.

In stores, the shaving units may have the following code HS85/18. The number behind the '/' (forward slash) does not matter. For example, HS85/18 and HS85/53 are the exactly the same shaving units. The number behind the forward slash refers to the country of sale or the type of packaging.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HS8420/22 , HS8460/75 , HS8460/41 , HS8460/24 , HS8440/75 , HS8440/40 , HS8440/22 , HS8420/40 , HS8420/29 , HS8020/20 , HS8015/18 , HS8015/17 , HS8020/19 , HS8020/18 , HS8060/25 , HS8040/18 , HS8020/33 , HS8020/17 , HS8060/24 , HS8040/17 , HS8020/16 , HS8040/16 , HS8015/33 , HS8420/23 , HS8440/23 , HS8460/25 . more less

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