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    How to connect my Philips player to the TV with Scart?

    It is possible to connect your Philips DVD player to your TV with a Scart cable. Follow these simple steps below to perform the connection:

    How to connect

    Connect the scart connector (TV OUT, TO TV or AV) at the back of the player to EXT2 on the TV, using the eurocable. Note: * Some scart cables are dual way; this means you can connect the scart cable using either way, to connect player to the TV * Some scart cable does have indication of TV or DVD. Make sure that, the connector marked TV, is put into the TV and vice versa.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP5160/05 , DVP5160/12 , DVP5960/05 , DVP5960/12 , DVP3020/12 , DVP3042/12 , DVP3020/05 , DVP5140/12 , DVP3040/12 , DVP5900/12 , DVP3012/02 , DVP5900/05 , DVP3012/51 , DVP9000S/93 , DVP9000S/00 , DVP9000S/69 , DVP3055V/01 , DVP3100V/02 , DVP3100V/01 , DVP3055V/02 , DVP3055V/05 , DVP3100V/05 , DVP3005/00 , DVP3005/05 , DVP3005/04 , DVP3005/02 , DVP5100/00 , DVP5100/05 , DVP5100/04 , DVP5100/02 , DVP5505S/00 , DVP5505S/05 , DVP5505S/04 , DVP5505S/02 , DVP5500S/00 , DVP5500S/05 , DVP5500S/04 , DVP5500S/02 , DVP3010/02 , DVP3010/05 , DVP3010/04 , DVP762/00 , DVP762/02 , DVP762/05 , DVP520/04 , DVP720SA/00 , DVP720SA/02 , DVP520/05 , DVP520/00 , DVP520/02 , DVD625/051 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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