Philips FM Wireless Speaker System SB7240


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Philips speaker as a microphone in a call?

Yes. The speaker is equipped with a built-in microphone. When a call comes in, simply talk via the speaker. The location of the built-in microphone is indicated below: Note: Make sure you have paired the speaker with your mobile phone.

Location of the built-in microphone

The information on this page applies to the following models: SB7240/05 , SB7250/05 , SB7210/12 , SB7300/05 , SB7260/05 , SB7260/12 , SB7210/05 , SB7100/05 , SB7200/05 , SB7200/12 , SB7220/05 , SB7220/12 . more less

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