Philips FM Wireless Speaker System SB7240



When is the maximum volume reached on Philips speaker?

Slowly turn the volume knob clockwise to increase the volume until there is an alert tone. That volume is the maximum level. In case an even higher volume is needed, adjust the volume level on the audio device (e.g., the mobile phone or MP3 player). Important: Prolonged exposure of high volume of sound may damage hearing. Always adjust the volume to a low level.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SB7240/05 , SB7250/05 , SB7210/12 , SB7300/05 , SB7260/05 , SB7260/12 , SB7210/05 , SB7100/05 , SB7200/05 , SB7200/12 , SB7220/05 , SB7220/12 . more less

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