Linea design cordless phone

25-min answering machine, 1.6" display/white backlight, Handset speakerphone M3351W/05


How to choose when a call is sent to the Philips phone's answering machine?

It is possible to choose a number of rings before an incoming call is sent to your Philips phone's answering machine. See below how to setup this feature:

Step by Step guide

  • Make sure the answering machine is switched on * When it is on, the Play/Stop button on the base station lights up * To switch on the answering machine, press the Power button located on the base station 2. On the handset, press MENU/OK button 3. Select Answ. Machine > Ring delay 4. Press the MENU/OK button to confirm 5. Select a new setting, then press the MENU/OK button to confirm Notes * If you want to change the settings of the voicemail, which is a service provided by the telecommunication service provider, contact the service provider for the instructions * Take into consideration that if you select to have many rings, the caller may hang up before the call is picked up by the answering machine; or, if you have voicemail service subscribed, the call is picked up by the voicemail of the telecommunication service provider instead

The information on this page applies to the following models: M3351W/05 , M6651BB/05 , M3451B/90 , M6651WB/05 , D4551B/05 , D4552B/05 , M8881W/10 , CD1863B/FT , M8881B/05 , D2053B/05 , D4051W/05 , M5551WG/05 , D2051B/05 , D4052W/05 , D2052B/05 , D6051B/05 , D6052B/05 , CD4853B/GB , CD1962WR/38 , CD1861B/GB , CD1864B/GB , CD1863B/GB , CD1862B/GB , CD1961B/21 , CD1964B/38 , CD1964B/22 , CD1963B/DE , CD1963B/38 , CD1963B/22 , CD1962B/DE , CD1962B/38 , CD1962B/22 , CD1961B/DE , CD1961B/38 , CD1961B/23 , CD1961B/22 , CD1862T/FR , CD2850W/38 , CD2851W/FT , CD2852W/FT , CD2851W/BE , CD4852B/GB , CD4852B/BE , CD4851B/GB , CD4851B/BE , CD2854W/NL , CD2854W/BE , CD2853W/BE , CD2852W/BE , CD1861B/BE , CD1862B/BE , CD1863B/BE , CD1864B/BE . more less

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