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    Luceo design cordless phone

    30 min answering machine, 1.8" display/white backlight, Handset speakerphone M6651WB/05


    How to shorten the ring delay on my Philips DECT phone?

    Switch off the ECO+ mode When ECO+ is activated, the system turns off its transmit power. This causes a delay on the data transfer between the base and the handset, and thus the delayed first ring. You may turn off the ECO+ mode through the PHONE SETUP menu. Switch off the ?Call Block? feature When the call blocking feature is on, the phone checks for the Caller ID information before sounding the first ring. You may turn off all call blocking features through the PRIVACY > CALL BLOCK menu (or through the SERVICES > BLACKLIST menu). Switch on the ?First Ring? feature When the first ring is set to off, the phone mutes the first ring cycle and will only ring after it has received the Caller ID information. You may turn on the First Ring feature through the SERVICES menu. Do not use personalized melody for ring tone. When a personalized melody is assigned to a caller, the phone needs to check for the Caller ID information before sounding a ring. You may disable the melody through the PHONEBOOK options.

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