TV antenna

UHF/VHF/FM, Indoor, 36 dB amplified SDV4230/05

Frequently Asked Questions

What frequencies/bands my Philips antenna will cover?

This antenna is designed to cover the UHF/VHF and FM bands ? For both Analog and Digital broadcasts. UHF is used for both analog and digital Television. This is the band that is being used for Freeview (UK), DVB-T (EU) and TNT (France) VHF is in use in certain markets for television ? generally analog broadcasting. FM ? Radio ? this antenna can be used only for FM or can be used with a TV and an FM receiver. The signal will have to be split using a splitter and a suitable length of cables with connectors ? these are not provided but are easily available at electronics stores. Note: Adjustments for TV and FM are generally different and will require re-adjustment of the antenna positions and gain adjustment.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SDV4230/05 , SDV4240/05 , SDV4240/10 .


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