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    Philips DVD player/recorder DVDR70



    How to use the Timer recording on my Philips recorder?

    1. Insert a recordable 'DVD+R (W)' disk. 2. Press the 'TIMER' button. 3. Press cursor down to TIMER PROGRAMMING, press cursor right. 4. Enter the date, press 'SELECT' button to program interval (MO-FR/WEEKLY), then press cursor right. 5. Enter program number, press cursor right. 6. Select the start time, press 'SELECT' button to switch VPS/PDC ON or OFF, press cursor right. 7. Select the end time, press 'SELECT' button to select recording mode (HQ/SP/LP/EP), press 'OK' button to confirm. 8. Press 'TIMER' button to end. 9. Switch off with the 'ON/OFF' ('STANDBY') button.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR70/001 , DVDR70/051 , DVDR890/051 , DVDR880/051 . more less

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