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    Philips DVD player/recorder DVDR70



    How to setup my Philips recorder to have the same channel sequence as my TV?

    1. Press the 'SYSTEM MENU' button. 2. Select left-most icon with cursor left. 3. Press cursor down to INSTALLATION, press cursor right. 4. Press cursor up/down to FOLLOW TV, press cursor right to start. 5. If the recorder recognizes that the TV has been connected with a euro cable, 'TV01' appears on screen. 6. Select the program number '1' on the TV. Confirm this with the 'OK' button on the recorder remote. If the channels match, this channel is stored at 'P01'. 7. Wait until 'TV02' appears. Repeat the previous two steps until all channels are stored. 8. Press the 'SYSTEM MENU' button to exit the menu.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR70/001 , DVDR70/051 , DVDR890/051 , DVDR880/051 . more less

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