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    Which buttons on my Philips TV remote control do I use to operate Net TV?

    Updated on 2019-09-10
    • The NET TV button directly starts the Net TV Portal. If you are already in the Net TV Portal, this button takes you back to the portal's start page.

    • The arrow buttons (left, right, up and down) are for navigation

    • The OK button is required to confirm your choice and activate the selection

    • The OPTIONS button is used to perform a special action with the selection activated

    • The numerical buttons 0 to 9 can be used to enter text. Some services use numerical buttons as hotkeys.

    • The VOLUME buttons can be used to adjust the sound level of audio or video on Net TV

    • With the PLAY/PAUSE, STOP, FFWD, FREW buttons you can control the playback of audio or video on Net TV

    • The BACK button takes you back to the previous page

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 40PFL7664H/12 , 40PFL9904H/12 , 40PFL8664H/12 , 52PFL9704H/12 , 46PFL9704H/12 , 40PFL9704H/12 , 56PFL9954H/98 , 47PFL9664H/12 , 42PFL9664H/12 , 37PFL8684H/12 , 37PFL8694H/12 , 42PFL8694H/12 , 47PFL8404H/12 , 37PFL8404H/12 , 32PFL8404H/12 , 56PFL9954H/12 , 37PFL9604H/12 , 42PFL8404H/12 , 32PFL9604H/12 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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