GoGEAR MP4 player with docking speaker

ViBE with GoGear Dock, 4 GB* SA3DKV04KN/02


How to conserve battery power and maximize playtime?

Some features of the player takes a higher battery power, thus affecting the length of playtime. Here are some tips to conserve battery power of the player. * Adjust the brightness of the screen as low as possible * If the player offers FullSound feature, disable it * Set a short time for the backlight timer >* This shortens the idle time before the display is automatically switched off * Select [None] for screensaver * If the player offers Demo mode, disable it. (The Demo mode is under [Settings]>[Display setting]>[Screensaver] Menu)

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA3DKV04KN/02 , SA3DKV04RN/02 , SA3VBE08PN/02 , SA3VBE08RN/02 , SA3VBE04RN/02 , SA3VBE04BN/02 , SA3VBE08KN/02 , SA3VBE04KN/02 , SA3VBE04PN/02 , SA3VBE08BN/02 . more less

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