Hard disk/DVD recorder

250 GB DVDR5570H/05


How to check how much space is left on my Philips DVDR?

Proceed as follows to view general information about selected storage media, such as total size, remaining space, media type etc.: 1. Press HOME to access the Home menu. 2. Move the selection bar to the desired source. 3. If there is information available about the selected media, a text label will appear next to the blue on-screen button. 4. Press the blue button on the remote control to display the information. For each of the available media, the following data can be displayed: { HDD Info } Information about the recorder�s hard disk: * Remaining space on the hard disk partition for video storage (TV recordings and DivX movies) * Space used by protected/unprotected titles * Free time for recording based on the current active recording mode * Remaining space on the hard disk partition for data storage (for music and photo files) and the space that is available for recording. { DVDR Info } Information about the inserted DVD�R or DVD�RW disk: * Disk name, type, and status * Total size * Used space * Available space * Space used by protected titles. { USB Info } Information about the inserted USB drive: * Name * Total memory size * Available space Press the blue button again to return to the Home menu.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR5570H/05 .

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