Hard disk/DVD recorder

160 GB DVDR3570H/05


How to playback DVDs made on my Philips DVDR on other devices?

In order to play a recorded DVDR or DVDRW on another DVD player, you have to either finalize the disc (for a DVDR) or make it compatible (for a DVDRW). Proceed as follows to finalize a DVDR: Note: Once a DVDR disc has been finalized, you can no longer add or edit recordings on it. Make sure that you have finished recording and editing the material before you finalize the disk. 1. Insert a recorded DVD�R into the recorder. If the Index Picture screen does not appear automatically, press the DISC button on the remote control. 2. Press EDIT on the remote control to access the edit menu. 3. Move to { Finalize } and press OK. You will now see a warning message appear. 4. To proceed, select { Finalize } and press OK. Otherwise, select { Cancel } and press OK to abort the operation. The finalization process can take up to 30 minutes, depending on the length of the recordings. Important! Do not try to open the disc tray or switch off the power before the process has been completed, because doing so may render the disc unusable. Proceed as follows to make a DVD�RW compatible: 1. Insert a recorded DVD�RW into the recorder. The Index Picture screen appears automatically. 2. Press EDIT on the remote control to access the editing menu. 3. Move to { Compatible } and press OK. If this option is not available, the disc is already compatible. 4. Press OK to finish the process.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR3570H/05 .

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