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    CarStudio Car accessory

    DAB, DAB+ CAB50/05


    How to display DAB information on Philips car system?

    1. Tune to a DAB station. On the display of DAB broadcasting, the first line shows the name of the station. The second line shows the service information of the current station. Six types of service information are available. 2. Press the OPTIONS/CLOCK button repeatedly to scroll through the information displayed on the second line. * Multiplex name: Displays the name of the DAB multiplex in which the current station is broadcast * Multiplex info: Displays the channel and frequency of the current DAB multiplex * Program type: Describes the content of the current DAB station * Scrolling text: Information broadcast by most DAB stations (may include song titles, news, etc) * Signal Strength: Displays a meter illustrating the strength of the DAB signal 0-100 * Signal Quality: Display DAB signal quality, from 0 to 100 Note: Information availability depends on the DAB signal. Information depends on DAB signal.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: CAB50/05 , CE139DR/05 , CE153DR/05 , CEM2000B/05 , CEM3000B/05 . more less

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