Philips Bluetooth stereo headset TCH4150 On-ear Black


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect Philips headset to TV or another system?

Philips Bluetooth headsets are optimized for mobile use with cell phones, portable music players or PC/ Laptop/Tablet etc. Important: Check if your TV or Home Audio System has Bluetooth capability; please consult the manufacturer for additional guidance. Alternatively, Philips offers different wireless headphones specifically for use with your TV: Digital Wireless headphone: SHC5100 or the SHC5102 (includes two separate headphones). IR Wireless Headphone: SHC2000 With Infra Red the signal travels on a beam of light from the transmitter to the receiver. IR devices are pretty much not susceptible to interference. However, the transmitter and headphones must be in the line of sight without obstructions, walls, ceilings etc.

The information on this page applies to the following models: TCH4150/10 , SHB9001WT/00 , SHB6017/10 , SHB6110/00 , SHB9001/00 , SHB7110/00 , SHB6000/28 , SHB6000/00 , SHB1400/00 , SHB7110/10 , SHB9000/10 , SHB1100/00 , SHB6110/05 , SHB6110/10 , SHB6111/10 , SHB6100/00 , SHB7102/00 , SHB7100/05 , SHB7100/00 , SHB6102/05 , SHB6102/00 , SHB6101/00 , SHB6100/05 , SHB1300/00 . more less