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What is BD profile and does my Philips player support it?

The BD Profile is a standard to classify Blu-ray players according to their technical specifications: There are currently 3 BD Profiles available. * The basic Profile 1.0 (also known as the Grace Period Profile), available on all Blu-ray models released before November 1, 2007, includes neither a secondary video decoder nor an internet connection * Profile 1.1 (also called the Final Standard Profile or “Bonus View”) adds decoders for secondary PiP video and audio, plus 256 MB of local storage capability * Profile 2.0 (or “BD-Live”) includes those secondary video and audio decoders, a larger 1 GB of local storage capability, and an internet connection As for the BDP7200, it supports the BD Profile 1.1standard.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BDP7200/12 .

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