DVD player/recorder



How to use the timer recording on my Philips device?

  1. Turn on the TV power. Select the correct Video In channel at the TV. 2. Press TIMER on the remote control. The timer schedule list appears. 3. Use?/? keys to go to the next empty slot and press OK. 4. You will be prompt to enter your VIDEO Plus+� code. Use ?/? keys to select the text field. 5. Use the numeric keypad 0-9 to enter the VIDEO Plus+ programming number for the show you wish to record. (e.g. : 5-312-4 or 5,312 4, key in ?53124?.) 6. To confirm your entry, select CONFIRM in the menu and press OK. 7. Press TIMER to exit the menu. 8. Insert a DVD+R(W). 9. Press STANDBY-ON to turn off the DVD recorder.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR3305/05 .

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