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How to enable subtitles or close caption on my Philips player?

To use subtitles: * Check DVD packing for available language. * Press SUBTITLE repeatedly to select different subtitle languages. The difference between subtitles and closed captions is that subtitles are intended for hearing persons, and closed captions are for the hearing impaired. For example, closed captions show sound effects (e.g., ?phone ringing? and ?footsteps?), while subtitles don?t. If your disc has Closed Caption capability: 1. Press SYSTEM MENU to enter the setup menu. 2. Press Up/Down arrows on the remote to go to 'Video Setup? page. 3. Press OK to confirm. 4. Press Up/Down arrows again to highlight ?Closed Captions?. 5. Enter its submenu by pressing the Right arrow. 6. Press Up/Down arrows to choose a setting: On: Enable Closed Captions. Off: Disable Closed Captions. 7. Press OK, then press Left arrow to return to the Video Setup Page.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP642/37 .

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