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    Digital Camcorder

    128 MB* KEY019/00


    How to transfer images from my Philips KEY019 camera?

    JPEG files can be transferred to the KEY camera simply via Windows Explorer as follows: 1. Make sure that the power control is in the off position. 2. Hook up the player to the PC via the USB connector. 3. Launch Windows Explorer to access your camera, which is named as a Removable Disk. 4. Click onto the Removable Disk icon and then the DCIM folder. You can view your JPEG files in the sub-folder 100PHDSC. 5. Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste the selected files from the Removable Disk to your desired folder. 6. When you have finished viewing your files, click the Unplug or Eject Hardware removal icon on the task tray to stop and eject the camera. Follow the screen instructions. When you reach the Safe to Remove Hardware dialogue box, click OK and remove your camera. For Windows 98 users, please note there is no removal icon. Just unplug the camera.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: KEY019/00 .

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