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    Digital Camcorder

    128 MB* KEY019/00


    Can I upgrade the firmware of my Philips Key camcorder?

    For the best interaction between your camcorder and your computer, you are recommended to check the http://www.philips.com/support site regularly to keep your camcorder upgraded with the latest firmware. 1. Create a new folder on your computer and name it “ISP”. 2. Go on to the support site and then enter the model number e.g. Key019 to access the upgrade file. Save the zip file in a folder on your computer. Unzip the file into the “ISP” folder. 3. Connect your camcorder to the computer. 4. Launch Windows explorer and then copy the entire “ISP” folder into the root directory of your camcorder. Disconnect camcorder safely from your PC by clicking on the task bar to avoid file error. Windows 98 SE users: there is no icon. Simply disconnect camcorder after file transfer completes. 5. Press and hold Shutter and turn the Mode dial to power ON. Your camcorder will start upgrading. During firmware upgrade, both LEDs will blink. 6. Turn the Mode dial to power OFF, when the LEDs stop blinking. Firmware upgrade is complete and the camcorder is ready for use.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: KEY019/00 .

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