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    How to connect external device to my Philips recorder?

    You can connect external equipment in different ways, depending on the use you want to make of the devices. 1) Connect a TV. Connect a SCART cable from EXT 1 of the recorder with a SCART socket of the TV that accepts RGB-signals (see the manual of the TV). * If the TV doesn?t have a SCART connection or if you want to connect a projector instead: Connect an S-video cable (not supplied) from the S-video OUT socket at the back of the DVD recorder to the corresponding connector on the TV or the projector. Make a sound connection as well (see point 3). 2) Connect the antenna. Connect an antenna cable from the outlet socket on the wall to the ANTENNA IN socket of the DVD recorder Connect a second antenna cable from the TV antenna socket of the DVD recorder to the ANTENNA IN socket of the TV. Besides these standard connections you can connect other devices as follows: 1) Connect a Set Top Box (STB; this can be a satellite receiver, a digital terrestrial receiver or a digital cable receiver). * Connect a (second) SCART cable from the TO TV SCART socket of the STB to the EXT2 SCART socket of the recorder * Note: the second SCART socket of the STB stays empty 2) Connect a video recorder or a DVD player. Connect a second SCART cable from the SCART socket of the DVD player or the AV1 socket of the video recorder to the second SCART socket (EXT 2) of the DVD recorder. To get picture from the DVD player or the video recorder: select on the TV the external channel corresponding to the SCART connection the DVD recorder is connected to and select EXT 2 on the DVD recorder. Note: * If you have connected a Set Top Box (STB) as well the connection depends on the use you make of the DVD player/video recorder * If you only use it to play back DVD or videotape connect the DVD player/video recorder directly to an empty SCART socket of the TV * If you use the player or the recorder to make copies on the DVD recorder interchange the SCART cables of the STB and the DVD player or video recorder in EXT2 of the DVD recorder 3) Connect an audio receiver/amplifier/home theater set (if you do not make this connection the sound from the DVD recorder will come from the TV). Connect a digital coaxial cable OR a digital optical cable OR an analogue (red and white) cable from the corresponding sockets at the back of the DVD recorder with the corresponding IN sockets of the audio equipment. If you connected the DVD recorder to the TV or the projector with an S-video cable connect an analogue sound cable (red and white) from the corresponding sockets at the back of the DVD recorder to the TV. Note: All these connections are fixed connections. They should be made from or to the sockets at the back of the DVD recorder. The connections at the front of the recorder are for temporary IN-connections, for example for connecting a video camera (Camcorder).

    The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR725H/05 , HDRW720/05 .

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