Cineos DVD/SACD home theatre system



No sound from one of the speakers of my Philips system

  1. Make sure the connectors of the speaker connection cable are put well into their sockets. 2. Audio output of the device Connect the speaker with the same cable to another speaker connection. If the speaker still does not work the original speaker connection is OK. If the speaker works the original speaker connection on the device might be faulty. Check the connection for visible problems. Connect the original cable on the original connection again. 3. Connection cable Connect a working speaker with the cable of the speaker that does not work to its own connection. If the speaker gives sound the cable is OK. If the speaker does not work try the speaker with another cable. The original cable might be faulty. 4. The speaker Connect the speaker to the cable of a speaker that works fine. If the speaker doesn?t give sound the speaker might be faulty. If the speaker gives sound there is probably nothing wrong. Check the connections again. 5. The rear centre speaker If the rear centre speaker does not give sound the cause might be there is no 6.1 sound available. The rear centre speaker only gives sound when there is 6.1 surround sound output. Make sure the device is playing back a 6.1 surround sound disc. Select 6.1 Multi-channel as analogue output in the audio set up page in the system menu. Note that the device does not accept surround sound from an external device.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HTS9800W/05 , HTS9800W/12 .

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