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    Philips Support

    How to update the software of Philips TV? (non-Android TVs)

    Published on 2021-06-20


    A software update is recommended:

    • to get the latest features

    • to improve the TV’s functionality


    Ensure that:

    • a laptop or PC with a USB port is available

    • an empty USB flash drive is available


    To update the software on the TV, follow these steps:

    1. Check the software version currently installed on the TV

    To verify the software of the TV, press the [Home] button on the remote control and select:

    [Setup] > [Software Settings] > [Current software info]


    [Quick Settings] > [Update software] > [Current software info]


    [Settings] > [All settings] > [Update software] > [Current software info]

    2. Open a web browser

    Go to the Philips website and navigate to your product's support page (e.g. while reading this FAQ article, click on 'Support' on the navigation panel above).

    Note Make sure that you have selected to correct model of the TV set.

    3. Check the software on the web page

    • Select the option “Software updates” in the page.
    • The dedicated software for this TV model will appear, showing the version number.

    4. Verify if a new software for the TV is available

    A software update on the TV can be performed if the software version on the web page is different from the TV’s software. A newer software version has “higher” number.

    For example:

    Version 002.155.000 is newer than version 002.128.000

    Version 003.110.000 is newer than version 002.128.000

    Note: an older software version cannot be installed on the TV.

    5. Download the software file (.zip file) onto the PC or laptop

    • Please read the End User License Agreement carefully. Click [I Accept] to proceed with downloading, click [I do not accept] to return to the previous page.

    If the terms of use are accepted, the download will automatically start. Wait for the download to finish.

    7.”Unzip” the downloaded software file to the USB

    The extraction of downloaded files (unzipping) can slightly vary between different laptops or PC’s.

    For example:

    Right-click on ‘xx_xx.zip’ and select [extract to] or [extract all]. A destination to save the extracted file is requested; ensure to select the USB flash drive to save the file.

    Note: The only file on the USB stick will then be the “autorun_xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.upg” file.

    9. Switch the TV back ON.

    The software update screen will automatically appear.

    10. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

    After the on-screen instructions were followed, the TV will download and install the software.

    Note: Do not switch OFF the TV during the software update process.

    11. When the new software is installed, the TV will automatically switch OFF and then ON again.


    12. Remove the USB flash drive from the TV’s USB port.


    13. The software update is complete.


    The TV will not reset during a software update. All settings and connections will remain unaffected.

    If any issue occurs after the software was updated, the TV can be reinstalled.

    Note: All previously installed channels, selected settings and recorded programmes will be lost.

    To reset all TV settings, proceed as follows:

    1. Press the [Home] button on the remote of the TV and select one of the following depending on the TV model:

    • [Setup] > [TV settings] > [General settings] > [Reinstall TV]


    • [Setup] > [TV settings] > [Reinstall TV]


    • [Settings] > [General settings] > [Reinstall TV]

    1. To start the first installation process, confirm with the [OK] button on the remote control.

    2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 70PUS6504/12 , 55OLED754/12 , 65OLED754/12 , 65PUS6814/12 , 50PUS6814/12 , 70PUS6704/12 , 75PUS6754/12 , 43PUS6814/12 , 55PUS6814/12 , 65PUS6754/12 , 55PUS6754/12 , 65PUS6804/12 , 32PHT4504/05 , 65PUS6704/12 , 65PUS6554/12 , 55PUS6554/12 , 50PUS6804/12 , 50PUS6754/12 , 43PUS6754/12 , 55PUS6704/12 , 65PUS6504/12 , 43PUS6554/12 , 58PUS6504/12 , 55PUS6804/12 , 50PUS6554/12 , 43PUS6804/12 , 43PUS6704/12 , 50PUS6704/12 , 50PUS6504/12 , 43PUS6504/12 , 24PHS4354/12 , 24PHS4304/12 , 24PHT4304/05 , 49PUS6803/12 , 55PUS6803/12 , 50PUS6753/12 , 65PUS6753/12 , 43PUS6753/12 , 55PUS6753/12 , 50PFS5803/12 , 65PUS6523/12 , 50PFT5503/05 , 43PFS5803/12 , 50PUS6523/12 , 43PFT5503/05 , 43PUS6523/12 , 55PUS6523/12 , 32PFS5803/12 , 32PHT4503/05 , 65PUS6503/12 , 65PUS6703/12 , 22PFT5303/05 , 55PUS6703/12 , 55PUS6503/12 , 50PUS6703/12 , 50PUS6503/12 , 43PUS6703/12 , 24PFT5303/05 , 43PUS6503/12 , 32PFT5603/05 , 24PFT5603/05 , 32PHT4032/05 , 55PUS6272/05 , 50PUS6272/05 , 43PFT4112/05 , 65PUS6262/05 , 55PUS6262/05 , 50PUS6262/05 , 43PUS6262/05 , 43PFT4132/05 , 22PFT4022/05 , 32PHT4112/05 , 43PUS6162/05 , 65PUS6162/05 , 55PUS6162/05 , 50PUS6162/05 , 24PHT4022/05 , 49PUS6162/12 , 55PUS6162/12 , 49PUS6262/12 , 24PHT4032/05 , 39PHT4112/05 , 32PFT4132/05 , 32PHT4132/05 , 24PFT5231/05 , 22PFT4031/05 , 49PFT4131/05 , 43PFT4131/05 , 32PHT4131/05 , 24PHT4031/05 , 32PHH4101/88 , 50PUS6809/12 , 40PFS5709/12 , 65PFS6659/12 , 55PFT6309/12 , 55PFS5709/12 , 48PFS5709/12 , 47PFT6309/12 , 42PFT6309/12 , 48PFS6609/12 , 55PFS6609/12 , 48PFT5509/12 , 32PHT4509/12 , 40PFS6609/12 , 50PFT4509/12 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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