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    Choosing a baby monitor for you

    Trying to figure out which is the best baby monitor for you? Here’s a rundown of the types of baby monitors available and who they’re best suited to.

    The three baby monitors

    There are three main options to consider when you’re on the search for the best baby monitor for you.


    • Smart baby monitor – Listen in and talk back anywhere, on any smart device
    • Video baby monitor – Listen in and take a peek via a high resolution screen, day or night
    • Audio baby monitor – Listen in and talk back via a private and secure connection


    Find a baby monitor to suit your lifestyle

    Finding the best baby monitor comes down to your unique needs, so there’s no right or wrong option. Below you’ll find some more details on how each baby monitor can fit into your lifestyle.


    Smart baby monitor

    Are you a high-tech mum or dad? Or just want to know that you can take a peek no matter where you are? A smart baby monitor gives you peace of mind whether you’re at home or away by letting you watch and listen on any smart device. This is also our most customizable and multi-purpose option: choose the frequency you’d like to receive updates, let more than one caregiver securely monitor on other smart devices, take photos and track room temperature and humidity.


    The Philips Avent smart baby monitor connects to uGrow, our healthy baby development app. The app stores all your room climate readings, and can help you discover the impact this has on your little one’s sleeping pattern.


    Best baby monitor for: Parents who feel empowered by knowledge and want to feel connected to their baby no matter where they are.


    Video baby monitor

    A video baby monitor is another way to take a peek and listen in without disturbing your little one. Using the the camera (baby unit) and video screen (parent unit) you can use a private and secure connection to check if it’s really time for the next feed, or just a false alarm. Like the smart monitor, it’s also possible to monitor room temperature and humidity, listen in and talk back, and play lullabies.


    Best baby monitor for: Parents who can’t resist a sneak peek


    Audio baby monitor

    An audio baby monitor, as you probably guessed, is your sound-only option. Get that extra reassurance by listening in to your baby’s gurgles and stirs via a transmitter, play lullabies and talk back. Our audio monitor lets you adjust the sensitivity of the microphone so only certain noise levels can be heard. You can tune out lullabies and rest easy that you’ll hear if your baby needs you.


    Best baby monitor for: Parents who tend to find less is more, or prefer audio over visual cues.


    No matter which baby monitor you choose, having an extra set of eyes or ears on your little one that’s private and secure gives you peace of mind, and a chance to relax while they take a snooze.


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