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    Tips for expressing 

    1. Take your time

    There's no denying it: the first time you express milk will feel a bit unusual. Don't worry; soon enough you won't bat an eyelid, but for now just be gentle with yourself and take your time.


    2. Go for comfort

    A place where you feel relaxed and won't be interrupted can make all the difference when expressing milk. In fact, a study found that mums who are relaxed and feel comfortable express larger volumes of milk, more easily. This is because when you’re relaxed and calm you’re better able to trigger the release of oxytocin that’s needed to express milk.  You can go the extra mile by also listening to relaxing music, massaging your breasts or having a warm shower before expressing.


    3. Have some photos on standby

    Expressing mums generally find that their let-down reflex isn't as strong as a nursing mum's might be. You're not doing anything wrong; that's just how our bodies work! Try using a photograph of your baby or a video recording of them to encourage your milk to flow.

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