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wireless speaker dock

    wireless speaker dock

    Stream your music and charge your Android phone

    This speaker, AS360, delivers superb sound in great style. Stream music from your phone wirelessly over Bluetooth for effortless enjoyment, dock it for a fast charge or charge a second device using USB. See all benefits

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  • Stream your music and charge your Android phone

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wireless speaker dock

Bluetooth®, for Android, USB port for charging, 10W, Battery or AC operated AS360/05 Find similar products

Stream your music and charge your Android phone

  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth

    Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth

    Bluetooth is a short range wireless communication technology that is both robust and energy-efficient. The technology allows easy wireless connection to iPod/iPhone/iPad or other Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, tablets or even laptops. So you can enjoy your favourite music and sound from videos or games wirelessly.

  • Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a powerful, deeper bass

    Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a powerful, deeper bass

    Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a deep bass experience from a compact loudspeaker box system. It differs from a conventional loudspeaker box system in the addition of a bass pipe that is acoustically aligned to the woofer to optimise the low frequency roll-off of the system. The result is deeper controlled bass and lower distortion. The system works by causing the air mass in the bass pipe to vibrate like a conventional woofer. Combined with the response of the woofer, the system extends the overall low frequency sounds to create a completely new dimension of deep bass.

  • Audio-in for easy portable music playback

    Audio-in for easy portable music playback

    Make one easy connection and enjoy all your music from portable devices and computers. Simply plug your device into the AUDIO-IN (3.5 mm) port on your Philips set. With computers, the connection is typically made from the headset output. Once linked, you can enjoy your entire music collection directly, on a set of superior speakers. Philips simply delivers better sound.

  • Charge second mobile device via USB port

    Charge second mobile device via USB port

    For added convenience, this speaker also boasts a USB port for charging a second mobile device even when your iPod/iPhone is docked.

  • Smartly designed FlexiDock to fit any Android phone

    The improved version of Philips FlexiDock features a micro USB connector, perfect for any Android phone. The docking mechanism is a great fit for any Android phone, thanks to the smooth and rounded edge design of the connector. It offers maximum adjustability. Simply slide the connector left or right, or rotate it to fit any location or orientation of the Micro USB port on your phone. This extreme flexibility is the first of its kind, catering to Android phones that are made by different manufacturers with no standardised position and orientation for the micro USB connector.

  • High fidelity wireless Bluetooth®-aptX® music streaming

    With advanced technology, sound streamed via Bluetooth® is brought to the next level. Standard Bluetooth® audio uses an SBC codec that is built for basic audio transmission, leaving listeners sometimes disappointed and dissatisfied. The Philips speaker, however, is armed with high fidelity Bluetooth®-aptX® wireless technology — giving you rich, powerful and crystal clear sound. Compatible with the latest Android™ smartphones, tablets and other devices, Philips now delivers the audio quality you have come to expect. Wireless music never sounded this good.

  • Easy Bluetooth pairing Widget for Android phones

    Available for download from Google Play, the Philips Bluetooth Audio Connect widget allows you to connect and pair your mobile device to any Philips Bluetooth audio device easily. Tap the widget to automatically add, pair and connect to any Philips Bluetooth audio device. Once paired, you can also rename and change the icons. This widget allows you to have several Philips audio devices, making it easy for you to switch between different Bluetooth devices easily. Simply tap to select your desired Philips audio device and start streaming.

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