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Docking speaker with Bluetooth


    Docking speaker with Bluetooth

    Sound that fits your home

    Go wireless with Bluetooth streaming and get more out of your music, gaming and video experience with this Philips DS3500/12 docking speaker. Connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad with your computer via USB. Plug in for power, or use batteries. See all benefits

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  • Sound that fits your home

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  • Sound that fits your home

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Docking speaker with Bluetooth

for iPod/iPhone/iPad, Battery/AC powered DS3500/12 Find similar products

Sound that fits your home

Obsessed with sound

  • Discover, share music and more features via DockStudio app

    The free Philips DockStudio app brings lots of cool exclusive features to your docking speaker. You can listen to your favourite radio shows, discover new music with thousands of Internet radio stations worldwide, browse through your music collection and share what you're listening to with friends via Facebook and Twitter. In Clock mode, it lets you set multiple customised music alarms and gives updated weather reports. Download it from App Store and find out more.

  • DBB to preserve low tones for deep bass at any volume level

    DBB to preserve low tones for deep bass at any volume level

    Dynamic Bass Boost maximises your music enjoyment by emphasising the bass content of the music throughout the range of volume settings - from low to high – at the touch of a button! Bottom-end bass frequencies usually get lost when the volume is set at a low level. To counteract this, Dynamic Bass Boost can be switched on to boost bass levels, so you can enjoy consistent sound even when you turn down the volume.

  • Dock any iPod/iPhone/iPad, even in its case

    Dock any iPod/iPhone/iPad, even in its case

    The smartly designed spring-loaded docking port of this Philips speaker effortlessly accommodates any iPod or iPhone, without special adapters. What's more, it works even when most protective cases are on – just dock your iPod or iPhone as it is. Now you can truly have fuss-free enjoyment of your music.

  • Precisely tuned bass pipes for deep, tight bass reproduction

    Precisely tuned bass pipes for deep, tight bass reproduction

    The generous 3L acoustic volume allocated to each woofer is perfectly aligned with precisely tuned back-firing bass pipes to deliver truly impressive and tight bass performance from such a compact speaker. The result — exceptional realism and an immersive listening experience.

  • Design fit for iPod/iPhone/iPad

    Dock your iPod, iPhone or iPad, and the docking station looks great. Take your device off, and it is still a thing of beauty. Unlike other docking stations, the Fidelio is designed to look gorgeous whether there is a device docked in it or not. Add a dash of elegance to your shelf or desktop with this head-turner.

  • Neodymium speakers for pure balanced sound

    Neodymium is the best material for producing a strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity in a voice coil, better bass response and a pure balanced sound quality.

  • PC synchronisation with your iPod/iPhone/iPad via USB

    Dock it, play it, sync it and charge it! Dig in to your favourite music on your iPod, iPhone or iPad while it charges and synchronises with your PC via USB – and enjoy superb sound quality together with thoroughly unbeatable convenience. Let the great tunes go on and on – without ever running out of power.

  • Superb gaming sound effects via Bluetooth

    The gaming experience isn't complete without great sound effects. Now, your games on a Smartphone or any other portable device can be made even more thrilling, thanks to Philips docking speaker that puts the boom in the sound. Hear all the sounds loud and clear, and boost your experience to new levels. What's more, you can do this with outstanding convenience, via Bluetooth. Simply establish a wireless Bluetooth connection between your portable device and the docking speaker, and play away.

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