Ladyshave Body Contour

    Ladyshave Body Contour

    Ladyshave Double Contour

    This special Ladyshave closely follows the curves of your body allowing you to shave and trim to perfection on even the most sensitive areas. You can also style your bikini area by clicking on the extra trim attachment.


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Ladyshave Double Contour

Follows your curves

  • Can be used wet or dry

    Rechargeable - 20 minutes of shaving time.

  • Floating shaving head follows your body curves

    Adjusts to every curve of your body without running the risk of cuts and nicks

  • Two shaving heads

    1) Extra quick shaving head for legs 2) Gentle 24K gold shaving head for underarms and bikini line.

  • Bikini trim attachment

    Bikini trim attachment for trimming and styling your bikini area.

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