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A revolution in comfort and ease for treating sleep apnea

A comfortable, patient-driven design to help you get the sleep you need.


It looks different because it is different. The ingenious open-face design provides exceptional comfort with an optimal fit, easy freedom of movement and the ability to choose your most comfortable sleep position. DreamWear is user-friendly in every possible way.


Embrace your care with confidence with our most innovative obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) technology. With easy-to-navigate menus, remote diagnostics, a sleek, compact profile and incredibly quiet operation, DreamStation helps make it simple to start, customise and continue your OSA therapy.


As a mobile app and online software, DreamMapper helps you reach your goals with sleep apnea therapy. It provides daily progress reports, lets you track goals, provides tips and reminders, and motivates you to stay on track with your sleep therapy.

An innovation in sleep apnea therapy

Imagine lying in bed, reading or watching TV with nothing blocking your view. Then imagine turning on your side, starting to doze off, rolling over and sleeping on your stomach — all while treating your sleep apnea. With the Dream Family, you don’t have to imagine it. You can do it.

 “After putting DreamWear on the first time,  I just loved it. There was a lot more freedom  of movement with it… It’s one of the best  masks I’ve ever used.”
 — John H.

Ingenious comfort
From feel to function to airflow

device dreamwear
device dreamwear

Ingenious comfort
From feel to function to airflow

device dreamstation

Remarkable ease
User-friendly in every possible way

You’re in control
Stay motivated, get results

device dreammapper 2

Patient Driven
Guided by nearly 700 user trials*

To create the Dream Family, we conducted user trials with nearly 700 patients*. We drew insights from sleep doctors in four countries. We applied everything we’ve learned from our more-than-30 years of innovation in continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) systems. And we focused on making the system comfortable and easy in every possible way.

*Data on file

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