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Everything in the Philips Avent range is designed to integrate, so you can be sure a gift set will be a perfect, useful present for both parents-to-be and those already on the journey.


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Let uGrow help you discover patterns to support your little one’s healthy development.


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Advices on breast feeding and bottle feeding

  • Top 10 feeding tips

    Top 10 feeding tips

    Top 10 breastfeeding tips from Philips AVENT.

  • Preparing a bottle feed for your baby

    Preparing a bottle feed for your baby

    A handy checklist for when you want to begin bottle feeding your baby.

  • Advice for Bottle feeding

    Advice for Bottle feeding

    Helpful advice and techniques on how to bottle feed and bottle feeding positions.

  • Breastfeeding in the first 24 - 48 hours

    Breastfeeding in the first 24 - 48 hours

    Mums and their babies need to be together to enable the best start to breastfeeding. From the moment of birth – when a baby is placed on mum’s naked chest the mother’s powerful ‘mothering’ hormone, prolactin, is stimulated.

  • Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

    Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

    It not only benefits your baby, it’s great for you too. Discover all the reasons to try and start breastfeeding.

  • Advice for Breastfeeding

    Advice for Breastfeeding

    Everything you need to know for when you first start breastfeeding and breastfeeding tips.

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