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Noise-cancelling headphones
High-resolution audio Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

High-resolution audio, On-ear, Deluxe memory foam cushions, Compact folding NC1/00 Find similar products
  • Hear nothing but first-class sound

    Noise-Cancelling Headphones

    NC1/00 Find similar products

    Enjoy superior noise cancellation with the Fidelio NC1. All you get is uncompromised high-fidelity sound, minus the noise. Compact foldability and long-wearing comfort make it the best sound companion on long-haul or daily commutes.

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  • Hear nothing but first-class sound
  • Hear nothing but first-class sound
  • Hear nothing but first-class sound
  • Hear nothing but first-class sound


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The best travel companion on

long haul or daily commutes

Hear nothing but first-class sound

  • High-resolution audio reproduces music in its purest form

    High-resolution audio offers the best in audio performance, reproducing original studio master recordings more faithfully than 16 bit/44.1 kHz CD formats. This uncompromising quality makes high-resolution audio the best sound companion for the music lover. Fidelio headphones meet the stringent standards required for the Hi-Res Audio stamp of quality. Whether you are enjoying your Hi-Res collection or a more traditional music source, the smooth extended high frequencies of the Fidelio headphone range help you get more from your music.

  • Hybrid technology for superior noise cancellation

    The Fidelio NC1 uses a feed-forward and feed-backward active noise cancellation (ANC) solution, which means there are 4 microphones implemented inside and outside the ear cans to capture noise for advanced processing. The feed-forward ANC (mic outside the ear can) covers a wider bandwidth of frequencies, while the feed-backward ANC (mic inside the ear can) provides fortified noise cancellation. This combination ensures cancellation over a wide frequency range and to a deeper extent for optimised music enjoyment in any environment.

  • Optimised 40-mm neodymium drivers for high-fidelity sound

    Each speaker driver is carefully hand picked, tuned and tested before being paired to ensure the most balanced natural sound. The 40-mm drivers utilise high-power neodymium magnets to deliver true high-definition sound in a wide dynamic range, right down to the minutest details.

  • Specially tuned for consistent high-fidelity sound

    The noise cancellation feature of the Fidelio NC1 is specially tuned with optimal sound performance in mind. Challenging the perception that noise-cancelling headphones cannot deliver high-performance sound, the NC1 is engineered to deliver the best audio quality whether you're in a quiet or noisy environment.

  • Compact multi-way folding for easy carrying and storage

    The Fidelio NC1's lightweight, slim and compact foldable construction in a stylish design makes it the perfect travel companion. With multiple ways of folding the headphones, you can decide how the headphones can fit efficiently in your travel bag or even in the pocket of airline seats.

  • In-line control and mic switch between music and calls

    With the in-line control and mic, you can easily switch between your music and phone calls. Fidelio's superb noise cancellation lets you enjoy crystal clear calls even in bustling environments.

  • Standalone acoustic chamber for sound precision

    The Fidelio NC1's standalone acoustic chamber ensures that sound is not affected by its components for active noise cancellation. Every natural sound detail is isolated and precise, and dynamic bass is intact – without any compromise on sound clarity.

  • Advanced design styling with aluminium and rubber accents

  • Elegant hard travel case for stylish headphone protection

  • Ergonomic deluxe memory foam cushions for long-haul comfort

    Materials used for the Fidelio NC1 are carefully selected to ensure long-wearing comfort and optimal sound performance. The ear cushions are crafted with memory foam, which moulds itself perfectly to the shape of your ears. Not only does it provide the ideal ergonomic fit, but it also enhances the headphone's noise-cancellation performance. The outer cushion is a combination of fabric and soft protein leather, which perfectly reduces both ear surface pressure and heat build-up. These elements make the NC1 an extremely wearable and comfortable companion for long-haul journeys.

  • Smart power solution keeps you connected to your music

    Unlike most noise-cancelling headphones, the Fidelio NC1 keeps working with or without the battery to consistently deliver Fidelio's superior high-fidelity audio – in any environment. If the battery runs out, simply turn off the ANC and continue on your sound journey.

  • Zero hiss to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment

    Hiss is the electronic sound you might hear when you wear headphones with ANC on but without any music playing. Our Fidelio noise-cancelling technology greatly minimises hiss to ensure that your listening enjoyment is not interrupted by any unnecessary noise.

  • 30 hours of ANC play time and unlimited music and talk time

    Enjoy 30 hours of ANC play time and unlimited music and talk time

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