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    The Perfect Beard Stubble: Maintaining that 5 o’clock Shadow

    Reading time: 4 mins

    A man wearing a shirt with beard stubble holds a phone while smiling.

    Stubble – so unassuming, yet so powerful. It has many names, like a 5 o’clock shadow, but it has a distinctive look that can totally change any man’s face, even the baby-faced ones. There is a certain rakish, mysterious charm to the short stubble beard. The best part is that to start this style all that is needed is a long day at the office, or a long night out. If you have decided your preference to the length and shape of your light stubble beard, you then need to know how to keep it perfectly in shape and how to soften the beard.

    Here are the top tips for shaving your facial stubble as well how to make a beard softer, so it is perfectly inviting to touch.

    How to trim and shave the three-day beard:

    Depending on how fast your beard grows, you should shave the contours every two to four days and trim the stubble to your desired length. To achieve the perfect three-day beard requires a little more attention than simply ignoring the razor in the morning. Trimming it to one length and tidying around the edges makes all the difference. Use a beard trimmer like the OneBlade, which follows the contours of your face so you can trim and shave everywhere for the best results. Here is how to trim your three-day beard in just three steps:

    A man with a full beard shaves his face with a silver and black electric shaver.

    1. Wash your beard and comb it through
    2. Pick either the 1, 3 or 5mm stubble combs to trim your stubble evenly to your desired length
    3. Then you can define the facial contours by shaving the beard stubble precisely

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    Wash your stubble and moisturise

    If your beard has been perfectly styled, now is time to take care of it. Caring for your 5 o’clock shadow will help soften the beard and contributes to a more even beard growth. Due to the more frequent trims to keep your stubble at its well-maintained style, your beard hair may become a little greasy. As your skin produces excessive sebum, hair follicles can become blocked and inflamed, causing irritated skin.

    Whether you shave wet or dry, you should wash your beard stubble daily, preferably with a special beard shampoo, but a regular shampoo will do. As part of your hygiene routine, washing your face, beard included, is very important to prevent skin irritation like pimples and rashes, as it removes dirt and debris from your skin. Afterwards, your beard needs a good shot of hydration: a moisturiser, like a balm, cream, or lotion will be great.

    Avoiding ingrown hairs and itching

    With frequent shaving, you may also suffer from itching or ingrown hair in your facial stubble. To avoid skin bumps, regularly use a gentle scrub on your beard to bring ingrown hairs to the surface. Also, shave with the grain and not against it, gently pressing while shaving to avoid further skin irritation. Remember, the closer you shave, the more likely that hairs may grow under the skin. Sensitive skin easily itches or feels tense after shaving, so using a razor that is designed to be comfortable on sensitive skin (like the OneBlade), would be beneficial.

    Soften the beard with beard oil

    To soften your beard stubble, you should try applying a specially designed beard oil once or twice a day. Whichever product you choose, treat your freshly trimmed three-day beard to a light massage with your hands so that your skin fully absorbs the nutrients, or use a beard comb to evenly distribute it through your whiskers. This will not only make the beard softer but also makes it smoother and gives it a great shine.

    Whether you choose the light stubble beard or a fuller 5 o’clock shadow, the appearance of a little facial fuzz can totally transform your face, turning a babyface into a more rugged one. Enjoy your new look.

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