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    Shaving 101: How do you shave properly?

    Reading time: 3 mins 

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    Life is not always like a bed of roses – sometimes things that are soft and gentle can end up prickly and irritable, much like a poorly shaved face. But knowing how to do things properly can mean drastically different results to doing it poorly. Shaving your facial hair is one of those things. But how do you shave your face properly? Follow these tips to find the best way to shave your beard and prevent those prickly patches and red spots after your morning shave.

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    1. Be prepared 

    Battling a dead battery in the morning is a recipe for a bad day, so avoid this by leaving your razor to charge the night before your morning shave. Thankfully, some electric razors have a short charging time, so you may have some luck with a spare hour in the morning. Wet shaving? All you need is some good quality blades and foam, easy enough. Wash your face and rinse it properly so that it is nice and clean. Shaving after a hot shower can help a great deal, because the heat will help open your pores. However, the heat may also make your face puffy and sweaty, so have a little break between your shower and shaving your facial hair.

    2. Be choosy  

    What is the best way to shave your beard? Is a wet shave the best shaving method, or maybe dry? Only you can decide what is the best shaving method for your face. A dry shave is done in no time. That said, a wet shave is wonderfully refreshing and can give a more thorough shave, but make sure to use a good quality shaving foam. 

    3. Be clever

    A perfect shave needs one thing first and foremost: a good razor. Depending on the length of the facial hair, a shaver with trimmer attachment or a separate beard trimmer is recommended. With a razor like the OneBlade, you can achieve a particularly smooth and gentle shave very quickly. Its blades are fast-moving and super precise for a shave that easily follows the contours of your face. Its three stubble combs give you multiple choices for trimming your moustache or beard to the length you want. 

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    4. Be firm but fair 

    So, how do you shave your face? First, trim longer hairs with your trimmer. The OneBlade has multiple comb lengths to trim any beard, long or short. The OneBlade has a water-resistant design, meaning you can use it as a regular dry shave razor or in the shower for a wet shave. And its dual-sided blade allows easy shaving of moustaches or your neck beard.

    Shave in circular motions against the hair growth, but for those with sensitive skin shave with the hair growth. Stretch your skin slightly with your free hand to make things easier for the blades. But don’t overdo it and don’t push too hard. Remember you’re shaving your beard, not peeling your skin.

    5. Be groomed and stylish 

    Now all you have to do is apply some aftershave or moisturiser and top your perfect shave off with an outfit that is just as perfect. When you are comfortable and relaxed, you will be at total ease with things, and that is the best you, the one that isn’t worried. If you get the perfect shave, it can make you feel at ease, and paired with the clothes you feel best in, you will continue feeling your best!

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