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    How to wet shave with a rotary shaver

    3 min read
    There’s nothing like a wet shave to make you feel fresh and ready for the day ahead. Here’s what the experts recommend for wet shaving with a wet-dry shaver.


    1. Pre-trim

    If you haven’t shaven for a few days and have more than short stubble, then pre-trim before shaving. You can use a trimmer or styler attachment.

    Make sure to cleanse your face before wet shaving

    2. Cleanse

    Wash your face with lukewarm water and a face wash that suits your skin type. You could also use a facial cleansing brush for a deeper clean.


    3. Lather up

    Wet shaving products come in foams and gels. A dot of shaving gel or about a walnut-sized ball of foam is plenty. Lather and apply to your wet face.

    When wet shaving, choose the most comfortable setting for your skin

    4. Choose a setting

    If your shaver has different comfort settings, now’s the time to choose one. If you’re not sure which is best, try wet shaving a small area of your face with each to find the setting that feels best.

    When wet shaving use circular motions

    5. Gentle circular motions

    Shave with small, circular motions. Always start with light pressure, especially in sensitive areas. Pressing too hard doesn't help you to shave faster and the increased friction can cause skin irritation.

    When wet shaving with a rotary shaver, ensure you rinse regularly

    6. Rinse regularly

    To improve the performance of your wet-dry shaver, rinse it under the tap to remove excess foam and hair as you’re shaving.

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    What you need

    Shaver series 9000

    wet & dry electric shaver with precision trimmer


    Shaver series 9000 wet & dry electric shaver with precision trimmer

    When wet shaving, go for a final pass against the grain to get any missed areas

    7. Final pass

    For an even closer shave, increase the pressure at the end, while moving against the grain. Again, be careful in sensitive areas.


    8. Difficult hairs

    If you’re having trouble catching those last few hairs, stretch your skin a little to raise the hairs and shave the spots that are difficult to reach.


    9. Sideburns

    Use a trimmer or styler attachment to trim your sideburns.


    10. Aftershave

    Apply an aftershave or balm for that extra fresh sensation — and you’re ready to go!


    For best results and to keep your skin used to the electric shaver, it’s best to shave at least three times a week.


    Don’t forget to clean your shaver after use for optimal performance and hygiene. Rinse it with lots of lukewarm water, shake off the excess and lay it down open to dry. Or, if you have the Philips Norelco SmartClean system, simply place it inside and your wet-dry shaver will be ready for your next shave.

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