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    Beauty Advice

    Perfect eyebrows in 5 steps

    Reading time: 2 mins

    They frame your face and express your feelings - your eyebrows leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet. You want to know how to shape your eyebrows so they perfectly underline your face?


    This simple guide helps you create perfect eyebrows in five steps – whether you want to trim them or remove annoying hairs from your eyebrows. Find out which eyebrow shape is suitable for your face and which tools are suitable to pluck your eyebrows, wax them or shave them for beautiful eyebrows that make you feel confident.

    Choose the right eyebrow shape for your face
    Step one dashed line

    Choose a suitable eyebrow shape for your face

    First you should decide how you want to shape your eyebrows.
    Step one

    1. Gently curved brows are perfect for heart-shaped faces, where your chin represents the tip of the heart at the bottom and your brows the curved rims at the top.

    2. An oval face profits from dense, defined eyebrows that make your eyes the centre of attention.

    3. If you have a round face, wide, curved brows with a high arch can make it seem longer.

    4. To make a long face look shorter, flat, horizontal brow lines are ideal. They are also suitable for square faces.
    5. If you want to balance prominent facial features, try using slightly curved eyebrows that make your face appear softer.

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    Trim your hair length


    First, comb your hair against the hair growth and then trim only the longest hairs – one hair after the other. The perfect tool for this is the pen trimmer. This practical eyebrow trimmer has a comb attachment that allows you to evenly trim your hair either to two or four millimetre length.

    Step two
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    Shape your brows with an eyebrow trimmer


    The pen trimmer is also perfect for shaping your brows. It can be used quickly and easily to shape your eyebrows even on the go – because it is battery-operated and fits perfectly into your purse. And best of all: if you buy the Lumea IPL hair removal system BRI921 or BRI923, you get the pen trimmer for free.

    Step four dashed line

    Shape your eyebrows by waxing or plucking - for long lasting results


    Now you are ready to shape your eyebrows. To round off curved eyebrows or to transform them into flat brows, you can wax the edges of your eyebrows. Before you start, remember that waxing means that the hairs will be removed with their roots. That‘s why it will take two to three weeks for new hair to grow. Shaving your eyebrows is a more gentle alternative thanks to the pen trimmer.


    If you want to define the shape of your brows in more detail, you can pluck your eyebrows to remove single hairs from your eyebrows. The precision pincers that come with the pen trimmer enable you to shape the edges of your eyebrows in a targeted way. A good tip is to first trace your desired shape with an eyebrow pencil so you don’t remove too many hairs. Perfect eyebrows have never been this simple!

    Step five dashed line

    The finishing touches


    Don‘t forget to reward your eyebrows after shaving, waxing or plucking with a cooling gel. It calms the skin and closes the pores.


    If you need a bit more practice or prefer bushier brows, use a brow pencil. It is available in many hair colours and imitates hairs where they are missing. Trace a few natural looking hairs. Afterwards you can use a transparent brow gel to comb your perfect eyebrows smoothly.

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    Discover your beauty every day.

    Whether you are looking for facial, hair care or hair removal beauty solutions – Philips has everything you need.

    Discover your beauty every day.

    Whether you are looking for facial, hair care or hair removal beauty solutions – Philips has everything you need.