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      What to Look for When Buying Sleep Headphones

       For those who value both a good night's sleep and an immersive audio experience, sleep headphones are a unique and compelling solution.


      Though many try to use regular headphones whilst sleeping, a pair of specialised sleep headphones can really elevate your nighttime experience. A stronger battery life, better comfort, and important safety features all contribute to you getting the best sleep possible.


      In this article, we will delve into the essential features to consider when purchasing sleep headphones. Whether you're a light sleeper looking to block out disturbances or a side sleeper in search of comfort, understanding these features will help you make an informed decision.

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      Couple sleeping, with the woman wearing Philips Sleep Headphones

      Comfort and fit - what am I looking for? 


      One of the most critical factors to consider when buying sleep headphones is comfort and fit. Unlike regular headphones that prioritise extended comfort during daytime use, sleep headphones are designed to be worn for prolonged periods during sleep. Thus, a comfortable and non-intrusive fit is paramount to ensure you can sleep peacefully without discomfort or pressure points that might disturb your rest.


      Philips Sleep Headphones boast a remarkably slim design, measuring just 6mm in thickness - the thinnest earbuds in the world. This light profile, combined with a choice of five ear-tip sizes, guarantees a snug and comfortable fit, regardless of your preferred sleeping position. 


      They have also been engineered to relocate electronic components, such as the battery, away from the earbuds and behind your head, further enhancing comfort during sleep.

      Active Noise Cancellation vs Noise Masking - what are the differences?


      Sleep headphones provide two primary approaches to managing ambient sounds: Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and noise masking.


      Philips Sleep Headphones utilise noise masking, a technique that introduces precisely tuned white noise to mitigate abrupt external sound peaks. This feature proves highly effective in minimising disturbances, particularly for those who share their sleeping space with snoring partners, street noise, or other disruptive elements.


      If your headphones detect snoring or loud external noises, such as construction workers or lorries, soft, relaxing white noise will be introduced to ensure your sleep is undisturbed as much as possible.

      Couple sleeping, with the woman wearing Philips Sleep Headphones

      Should I go for in-ear, over-ear, or a headband design? 

      Sleep headphones come in various designs, each catering to different comfort preferences and sleep habits. Your choice of design should align with your specific needs:


      • Over-Ear Design: Over-ear models offer better noise isolation and are suitable for those who sleep on their back. They can effectively block out external noise while delivering audio directly to your ears.


      • Headband Design: Headband-style sleep headphones offer a unique combination of comfort and convenience. These headphones typically consist of a soft, stretchy headband with integrated speakers, ensuring a comfortable fit regardless of your sleep position.
      • In-Ear Design: In-ear headphones are discreet and ideal for side sleepers. They provide a comfortable fit, allowing you to rest your head on your pillow without discomfort.


      The choice of design depends on your personal comfort preferences and sleep habits. Philips Sleep Headphones with Kokoon, for instance, feature an in-ear design with a slim profile, making them suitable for various sleep positions - including sleeping on your side, which can pose a number of difficulties when wearing other styles of sleep headphones.


      As your preferred sleeping position may change over time, these could be an excellent choice.

      A man sleeping comfortably on his side with Philips Sleep Headphones.

      Do sleep headphones come with a specialised mobile app?

      Modern sleep headphones often come equipped with companion apps that enhance their functionality and offer a more personalised sleep experience. When considering sleep headphones, it's worth exploring the available features and app support, as they can significantly enrich your nighttime routine.


      Philips Sleep Headphones can be used seamlessly with the Kokoon App (available on both iOS and Android), which serves as your personalised sleep coach. The app monitors your sleep patterns using accelerometers and a tiny optical heart rate monitor within the earbuds. By shining light into your skin and measuring how it scatters from your blood flow, the earbuds gather valuable data that can be used to improve your sleep.


      The Kokoon App leverages this data to adapt audio delivery, ensuring a seamless transition as you fall asleep and pausing podcasts to ensure you don’t miss out


      It also offers personalised sleep coaching and access to specialised audio content tailored to your needs. Whether you've had a stressful day, find yourself in an unfamiliar sleeping environment, or simply have a lot on your mind, the app can help you navigate these challenges and achieve a better night's sleep.


      However, it is just as important to ensure you can use your own apps with the headphones as well. Apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer are all also packed with great sleep material - and you shouldn’t be forced to miss out on those!


      Philips Sleep Headphones give you the opportunity to use them like regular bluetooth headphones if you wish - meaning that awesome sleep playlist you’ve spent years building on Spotify won’t go to waste.

      Couple sleeping, with the woman wearing Philips Sleep Headphones

      Is battery life length important to sleep headphones?


      Consider the battery life of your sleep headphones, especially if you plan to use them for extended periods. Philips Sleep Headphones offer a ten-hour battery life, ensuring they can last through the night without interruption.


      Additionally, evaluate any additional functions your sleep headphones may offer. Some models can be used for making calls or streaming music from other apps such as Spotify and Apple Music. Whether you enjoy listening to soothing tunes, audiobooks, or guided meditation sessions, having the option to use your sleep headphones for various purposes can enhance their value.



      Sleep headphones present an exciting and new solution for those who want to ensure an excellent night’s sleep.
      When selecting sleep headphones, prioritise comfort and fit, ensuring they provide a cosy and non-intrusive experience throughout the night. Consider your preference for ANC or noise masking to determine the type of audio environment that best suits your needs.


      Choose a design that aligns with your sleep habits, whether it's in-ear, over-ear, or headband-style headphones. Don't overlook the benefits of app support, as it can offer personalised sleep coaching and monitor your sleep patterns for optimal results.


      Investing in the right sleep headphones can significantly enhance the quality of your sleep, contributing to improved well-being and overall health. Philips Sleep Headphones, with their innovative design and advanced features, are able to provide users with an exceptional audio and sleep experience.

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