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    Beardtrimmer series 5000 Beard trimmer

    0.2 mm precision settings, Self-sharpening metal blades, Up to 90 min use/1 hr charge, Lift & Trim PRO system BT5502/13


    How do I replace the attachments of my Philips Groomer?

    Your Philips Groomers, Hair Clippers and Beard Trimmers may come with a lot of different attachments. Find out here how to replace and use these attachments.


    Click-on cutting element

    The cutting element is the main unit of your Philips Groomer. It has short, sharp edges and is used to give you a fast and clean trim.

    To remove the cutting unit from the body of your groomer, check if there is a release button on the body of your groomer. If so, press the button to detach the unit. 

    If the groomer does not have a release button, then place a finger under the teeth of the cutting unit and pull it upwards to take it off. To reattach it, first insert the bottom part in the body of the groomer and then push the teeth part in until you hear a click. Do not force the attachment in, as this may damage the device.

    If you are having difficulty attaching it, check if there is something stuck inside the body and try cleaning it with a small brush or cotton bud.
    Philips Groomer click-on cutting unit

    Cutting units with legs

    Some cutting units have long legs on the side. To remove these type of attachments, hold them by both sides and pull them off the appliance. To reattach them, push them back in the slot until you hear a click. 
    Philips Groomer cutting unit with legs

    Combs with legs

    Trimming combs can be added on top of the cutting unit of your Philips Groomer. These can be used to clip the hair on your head or trim your beard to a certain length.
    Removing these types of combs is easy. Just pull them off the body of your groomer. To attach the comb, gently slide it down on top of your cutting element so that the legs fit in the designated slots at the side.
    Philips Groomer combs with legs

    Combs for Philips Kids' Hair Clippers

    The Philips Kid's Hair Clippers have a different way to replace the trimming comb. You have to push the comb backwards from one side until it completely comes off. 

    To attach this comb, make sure the side with the desired hair length is pointed upwards. Start by fitting one side of the comb into the clipper's body. Then push the other side in too and press to hear a click. 
    Philips Kids' Hair Clippers combs

    Shaving foil

    Some Philips Groomers come with a shaving foil, which can be used to comfortably shave body hair. 

    To remove the shaving foil, pull it off of the shaver head. Be careful to hold the shaving foil by its edges, as the middle part can be very sharp. To reattach the shaving foil, snap it back onto the shaving head until you hear a click.
    Philips Groomer shaving foil

    Body grooming combs

    Philips Body Groomers come with a special comb, which is specially designed to be used on your body. To remove the comb, carefully pull the back part off of the appliance and then remove it from the shaving unit or push it off upwards.

    To attach this comb, snap it on to the shaving foil.

    Keep in mind that the attachments may vary based on the model of trimmer or clipper you are using. Always check the user manual for detailed instructions or contact us. 
    Philips Body Groomer combs

    The information on this page applies to the following models: BT5502/13 , HC5450/93 , HC3518/13 , BT7512/13 , BT7500/13 , BT5503/83 , BT5205/83 , HC5440/93 , BT3211/13 , BT9299/13 , HC5100/13 , HC3520/13 , HC3510/13 , HC3100/13 , BT1216/15 , BT3206/13 , BT3226/13 , BT5200/15 , BT9297/13 , HC3420/80 , QT4013/16 , HC5450/80 , BT5203/85 , QT3310/13 , HC7450/33 , BT7202/13 , HC7460/13 , HC7450/13 , BT5200/13 , BT7085/32 , HC7460/15 , BT405/13 , QT4013/23 , HC9450/13 , BT5262/13 , QT4002/13 , HC3400/13 , HC5450/83 , HC5440/83 , HC5410/83 , HC3420/83 , HC3410/13 , BT9290/32 , BT9280/33 , BT5260/33 , QT4005/13 , QT4000/13 , QT4015/23 , QC5339/15 , QC5350/80 , QC5340/80 , QC5340/40 , QT4019/15 , QT4019/40 , QT4050/15 , QT4090/32 , QT4090/15 , QT4075/32 , QT4070/41 , QT4070/32 , QT4070/15 , QT4050/41 , QT4050/32 , QT4045/70 , QT4021/16 , QT4021/98 , QT4021/50 , QC5050/40 , QT4021/63 , QC5053/00 , QC5010/00 , QT4020/30 , QC5070/00 , QC5070/80 , QC5099/00 , QC5050/01 , QC5090/00 , QT4020/60 , QT4020/10 , QT4085/70 , QC5050/00 . more less

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