Aluminium Collection Food processor

1000 W, Compact 3-in-1 setup, 3.4 L bowl HR7775/00


How can I assemble the juicer of HR7775?

  1. Put the part with the flaps on the motor unit in order that the opening for the spout is placed on the right back side (2 o'clock).
  2. Turn it to the right until you hear a click. Now one flap must now be on the front side and one on the back side.
  3. Then attach the transparent part with the spout.
  4. Attach the sieve.
  5. Attach the lid by placing it in the position that the part on the lid, where the flap can be linked, is in the front.
  6. Now close the lid by using the flaps.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR7775/00 .

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