Philips DVD player DVP3042 DivX playback


Frequently Asked Questions

What DivX and Xvid files can be played on my Philips player?

The DivX file must have the following characteristics: * The file is burned as a DivX3.11, DivX4.x, DivX5.x or DivX6.x file * Q-pel and GMC are supported * The file is downloaded from the official DivX website * The name of a subtitle file is exactly the same as the name of the movie file, with a different extension * Play the DivX file, which causes a problem, on a computer. If it does not work, the source file appears to be corrupt * The file is encoded in Home Theatre Mode with a DivX 5.x encoder * On a multi-session disc that contains files with different formats, only the first file will be read * MKV DivX files are not supported * Xvid files are not supported * DivX-files that derive from peer to peer (P2P) services are not supported

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP3042/12 , DVP3040/12 .

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