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How to record with VIDEO Plus on my Philips DVDR?

  1. Insert a recordable 'DVD+R (W)' disk. 2. Press the 'TIMER' button. 3. Press the cursor up/down to select VIDEO Plus+, press cursor right. 4. Enter the 'Plus Code' programming number. 5. Confirm with the 'OK' button. 6. If the 'Plus Code' does not recognize the TV channel, PLEASE ENTER PROGRAM NUMBER appears on the screen. Enter the correct program number and confirm with the 'OK' button. 7. Press 'SELECT' button to program interval (MO-FR/WEEKLY), then press cursor right. 8. Press the 'SELECT' button to switch VPS/PDC ON or OFF, press cursor right. 9. Press 'SELECT' button to select recording mode (HQ/SP/LP/EP), press 'OK' button to confirm. 10. Press 'TIMER' button to end. 11. Switch off with the 'ON/OFF' ('STANDBY') button.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR890/051 , DVDR880/051 .

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