HD camcorder



How to recharge my Philips HD camcorder?

You can recharge your camcorder via either a PC or a universal USB charger. Tips: It may take approximately 3 hours to full charge the built-in battery via a PC and 2 hours via a USB adaptor.

The information on this page applies to the following models: CAM102SB/00 , CAM102BU/00 , CAM110BU/00 , CAM102SL/00 , CAM102PK/00 , CAM110BL/00 , CAM110RD/00 , CAM102BL/00 , CAM110SL/00 , CAM101BL/00 , CAM100BU/00 , CAM100PK/00 , CAM100GY/00 . more less

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