How to perform a firmware upgrade of my Philips player via USB?

Note: * Do not press any buttons or interrupt the household power supply during the upgrading process, or the player may become defective. * Check to ensure that your USB storage device can be detected by the player before trying to upgrade the firmware using this method. * Use a FLASH-based USB storage device (e.g. thumbdrive). The startup time for HDD-based USB storage devices is too slow and cannot be used for firmware upgrades. * Ensure that your USB flash drive has about 25 Mbytes of free space. STEP 1 ? Download and Transfer firmware onto USB drive 1. Download the latest firmware from the Philips support website (www.philips.com/support). If there is no firmware available for download, this means that the model you have has the latest firmware installed. 2. Copy the extracted “UPG” folder with the software files to the root directory of the USB flash drive. Note: the ZIP file will not be readable on the set STEP 2 - Upgrading the firmware 1. Power up the BD player and insert the USB flash drive. 2. At the home menu, select [Settings]>[Advanced Setup]>[Software Download]>[USB] and press <**OK**> on the remote control. 3. The BD player will search for the upgrade files. Once the files have been recognized, the player will show a confirmation screen requesting that you start the upgrade. 4. To proceed with the upgrade, select “Start” and press <**OK**> on the remote control. You can cancel the upgrade at this point by selecting the “Cancel” button displayed on the TV and pressing <**OK**> on the remote control. 5. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the firmware upgrade. 6. During the upgrading process, the screen will display the progress of the firmware upgrade. 7. When the upgrade is complete, the screen will display confirmation of completion. 8. The BD Player will automatically power off after 5 seconds. Please restart the set. At this point, the set is ready with the new firmware loaded.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BDP5000/12 , BDP9100/05 , BDP7300/05 , BDP7300/12 . more less

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